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RavenClaws E-Shop is a well known online firm that sells digital goods and services, such as games or applications’ subscriptions, mainly catering to the gaming or creative community in Bangladesh. Having originated in Malaysia, we developed a family of passionate people that wanted to grow this business. Together we encountered many ups and downs, however we made it through all of the hindrances and are striving to be the best E-Shop platform for all the gamers and digital creators in Bangladesh.

May 10 2020 was the beginning of our story. We created a hub for gamers where we provided customers with in-game currencies of Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), PUBG Top Up, and other study related subscriptions.  Two years later we are here, selling the best games such as Fifa, Call of Duty, etc and providing in-game currencies for games such as Valorant, Overwatch, Fortnite, MLBB, etc. 

With the help and support of 15 thousand followers, we are now the fastest growing online digital goods and services trading platform in the country.  That has always been our goal, to be the best for you all. Everyday we become better at doing that. Our goal was always to create a warm and trustworthy community for gamers or developers and publishers, hence we work all day and night to make sure we bring you the best service ever. Furthermore we always refresh our roster to provide you with the best games and services at the cheapest price.

Without the support of you all, this feat was a near impossible dream. Thank you for believing in us. RavenClaws E-Shop is the most trusted platform in the country, and we are glad to have you all onboard.

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